Benefits of Virtual Forensic Psychiatric Services

Save Time / Save Money

Cost Effective

With HIPAA compliant virtual services, client costs can be significantly reduced. This eliminates travel and lodging expenses which add unnecessarily to the cost of expert evaluation.

Client Comfort

With HIPAA compliant virtual sessions, your client can receive the necessary services in the comfort of their home, attorney’s office or court, where allowed.

Convenient and
Time Saving

Dr. Kardong makes herself readily available to clients and attorneys, making expert forensic psychiatric services fast and easy.

Access to Top Psychiatrist

Dr. Kardong is a leader in the provision of forensic psychiatric services. She is Stanford Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

10+ Years of Experience

Dr. Kardong has provided expert witness and consulting services for civil, criminal, prosecution and defense cases for over 10 years.

HIPAA Protected

Dr. Kardong’s virtual sessions are HIPAA protected, private and secure.

HIPAA Protected Virtual Forensic Psychiatric Services

Cost Effective Virtual Forensic Services

Dr. Kardong provides the following services virtually:

  • Expert Witness/Consultant:
    Civil, Criminal, Prosecution and Defense
  • Medico-Legal Consultation to Attorneys
  • Preparation for Trial
  • Jury and Trial Consulting
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • File Review/Report
  • Depositions
  • In Court Testimony

About Gloria M Kardong MD DFAPA

Dr. Kardong is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University Medical Center. She is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. She has been treating Silicon Valley professionals for decades. She has 30 years of teaching experience as well.
Dr. Kardong has been providing medicolegal consultation to attorneys for the past 10 years. This includes expert witness and expert consulting services for civil, criminal, prosecution and defense cases.  She also offers preparation for trial,  jury and trial consulting as well as testimony in depositions and in court.  She performs psychiatric evaluations and file reviews as well.
Dr. Kardong understands the time and expense involved for attorneys and their clients needing these services when provided onsite in the expert’s or attorney’s location.  She now offers new, HIPAA protected virtual assistance for all of the same services provided onsite.
She is knowledgable in all areas of psychiatry, psychiatric mitigating factors and psychiatric consequences of all forms of personal injury.  Her specialty areas include PTSD and Women’s Health Care, including pregnancy-related issues, postpartum depression and psychosis.


Medical malpractice; wrongful death; psychological autopsies and impaired professionals are additional areas of interest.

Dr. Kardong can also provide virtual in court testimony where permitted.


Dr. Kardong has provided consultation to the Stanford Schools of Law and Medicine and the California Medical Board.  Please click HERE for references.

Contact Dr. Kardong

Please call or email Dr. Kardong to schedule an appointment or learn more about her virtual services.

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